The Ultimate Cheeseburger: Hook up proteins for the best taste - Live interactive experiment and cooking demonstration

  • Di | 27 Apr, 2021
  • Veranstaltungsort: Online
  • Veranstalter: IFT - Institute of Food Technologies 525 W. Van Buren St., STE 1000 Chicago, IL 60607
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Details and Pricing

Join us for a live interactive experiment, followed by a live cooking demonstration. This event organized by IFT's Protein Division, welcomes vegans, vegetarians, and meat-eaters alike to cook a favorite meal - the cheeseburger! All food professionals and students interested in energy consumption during food processing are welcome to join. No special skills or education are needed.

Meeting Details :

During this online interactive experiment, people will join from their kitchens and listen to instructions and theoretical scientific background while cooking a kitchen favorite - a burger! Following the experiment, watch a live cooking demonstration by professional chef, Charlie Baggs on how to make The Ultimate Cheeseburger. During registration, indicate your interest in participation, as well as what type of burger you would like to cook. If you would rather watch only, indicate that in registration as well.

Experiment: Active participation in the cooking experiement requires participants joining from a kitchen set-up. All participants will cook the burgers in the same way, as explained by Chef Charlie Baggs (see below, Materials needed). Active participants will engage with the presenters via chat, polling, and follow up opportunities. Those that choose to actively participate will be sent instructions prior to the event.

Experiment Goal: Compare the influence of food composition on cooking time, and thus indirectly on energy consumed during the preparation. Participants will note the sensory changes of the products associated with the interaction of proteins with other ingredients under processing conditions. Prior to the event, a worksheet listing factors that can influence the cooking time will be sent to participants to gather data, including cook time, or whether a gas or electric cook process was used. Highlighted participants may provide feedback on how the burger cooking is going. When all burgers are cooked, participants will share results and there will be an invitation to follow-up with more data.

Presentation: As the burgers cook, Dr. Angelina Frankowska (The University of Manchester, UK) will present, highlighting carbon emissions that take place during home cooking for different types of protein products. The presentation will be divided into sections, so there is time to check the cooking progress with spotlighted participants.

Live Cooking Demonstration: Chef Charlie Baggs will proceed on the further steps of making the most out of cooked foods for a perfect meal! He will cook side-by-side on a griddle two burgers: one animal based and one plant-based. Once cooked, Chef Charlie make The ultimate cheeseburger - 1 half pound burger of your choice topped with cheddar cheese, lettuce, and tomato on a bun slathered with garlic butter, then toasted to perfection. 

Materials needed from active experiment participants:

Material: frying pan, kitchen utensils, stopwatch, laptop, tablet or smartphone desktop computer discouraged, water Ingredients (select 1, identify during registration):

• Beef burger patty, raw, 113 g / 0.25 lb

• Impossible burger patty, raw, 113 g / 0.25 lb

• Other burger patty (identify during registration), raw, 113 g / 0.25 lb

Additional ingredients for meal, suggested by the Chef to be provided ~1 week prior to the event