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01 Dez 2023 Food Technologist (m/f/d)

To strengthen our team of the Process Engineeringwe are looking for a

Food Technologist (m/f/d)

Areas of responsibility
  • Planning and coordination of research projects in the field of food science and technology with a focus on plant proteins, extrusion and encapsulation
  • Assisting and preparing research proposals, scientific reports and presentations
  • Collaborating with partners from the food and ingredient industry
  • Preparing quotations and executing customer R&D projects in the food pilot plant
Your profile
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in food technology, food science, process engineering or related fields
  • Knowledge in plant-based proteins and applications
  • First experience in food production is beneficial
  • Fluent in German and English
  • Independent and result-oriented way of working
  • Commitment and ability to work in a team

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Then we look forward to receiving your CV and motivation letter as well as the earliest possible starting date, preferably by E-Mail

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as part of the "Edible Insect Production and Processing Group”

In our team “Advanced Technologies we are looking for a


as part of the "Edible Insect Production and Processing Group”

Starting date: 01.01.2024 or later

We provide a unique chance to autonomously engage in a project for 2-year, with potential for extension, within the dynamic and innovative realm of Edible Insect Production and Processing.
One of the key obstacles we face is tackling the digestion of lignocellulosic organic materials by insects. Our objective is to improve the suitability of these materials as substrates for insects by employing treatment methods. Our research is focused on investigating different techniques to optimize both efficiency and sustainability. For more information, please visit

Areas of responsibility
  • Interested in the development and continual refinement of a biological treatment process aimed at efficiently converting lignocellulosic materials into a nutrient-rich feed suitable for black soldier fly larvae (BSFL).
  • Assess and quantify the impact of the feed conversion process on biomass degradation and modification, providing valuable insights into the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • Conduct comprehensive research and analysis of various treatment methods for lignocellulosic organic materials, with a focus on enhancing their suitability as substrates for insects like BSFL.
  • Analyse and characterize the composition of BSFL frass, produced by Hermetia illucens development, to assess its potential as a biofertilizer.
  • Plan and execute experiments to prepare black soldier fly larvae meal for inclusion as a sustainable ingredient in animal feed and pet food formulations.
  • Maintain oversight of data collection throughout experiments, ensuring data accuracy and reliability. Utilize statistical methods to draw meaningful conclusions that inform decision-making processes.
Your profile
  • Hold a Master of Science (M. Phil or M.Sc.) degree in biological science, veterinary sciences, applied entomology, agricultural sciences, animal sciences, food sciences, life sciences, or related fields, showcasing a strong academic foundation.
  • Demonstrate a steadfast commitment to sustainability and the principles of the circular economy, with a particular focus on responsibly harnessing lignocellulose biomass for the cultivation of black soldier fly larvae.
  • Possess a high level of proficiency in a wide range of research techniques and methodologies pertaining to microbial physiology and the application of enzymes.
  • Bring prior experience in the analysis of lignocellulose/plant biomass modifications and proficiency in conducting biomass analyses.
  • Exhibit competence in microbiology laboratory work, particularly in the context of microbial culturing.
  • Have knowledge of compound feed formulation for pets, reflecting expertise in this area.
  • Showcase a proven track record in utilizing multivariate statistics and modeling techniques to derive meaningful insights from data.
  • Possess an innate scientific curiosity and an unwavering dedication to conducting experiments of the highest scientific rigor.
  • Preferred possession of a valid driver's license for logistical support.
  • Command strong communication skills in both English and German languages, facilitating effective collaboration and reporting.
  • Excel in organizational abilities and the accurate recording of data, ensuring the integrity of research findings.
  • Demonstrate a genuine enthusiasm for exploring new products and technologies, particularly those related to insect research.
  • Exhibit critical thinking skills and the capacity to work autonomously, contributing to innovative and impactful research endeavours.

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Applications should be sent by Enauk to (in English or German) and should include:

• Curriculum Vitae (CV)

• Motivation letter describing your goals, skills, and previous experience.

• Study program and regulations

• Full contact details of at least two reference person

• All other relevant information (working experience, volunteering, additional c ourses, reference letters etc.)


Incomplete applications will not be considered. DIL

DIL Deutsches Institut für Lebensmitteltechnik e. V.
Prof.-von-Klitzing-Str. 7 · D - 49610 Quakenbrück
Phone: +49 (0)54 31.183 - 0
Fax: +49 (0)54 31.183 - 114
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