Bioeconomy 2.0

Potential for innovation from food processing secondary production

Vechta University, Göttingen

University, Leibniz University Hannover, Osnabrück University of Applied

Sciences, German Institute of Food Technologies Quakenbrück

The project aims to derive new reusable materials for

food production (such as fibre, natural flavourings, proteins) from secondary

products derived from potatoes, carrot and rapeseed processing, for example.

The use of such secondary products was not previously widespread, and

presupposes that changes will be made in production systems for crop plants -

for practically all those involved in cultivating and processing the

foodstuffs. The fact that these individual institutions are willing to invest

in production reorganisation is an important prerequisite for the activities.

The reusable materials won from this process will undergo marketability and

acceptance testing, with the involvement of consumers in Lower Saxony.