European Commission published our LIBBIO project as a success story

New crop to provide bio-based products from poorest soils

14 partners from 8 countries are working together in the European Horizon 2020 project LIBBIO on the cultivation and processing of the Andean lupin Lupinus mutabilis, which has a higher protein and fat content compared to white or blue lupin.

Within the project, DIL is responsible for the extraction of oils, proteins and other valuable ingredients from the seeds. In the third year of the project, DIL focuses on the characterisation of the functional properties of lupin oil and the development of food products. Due to the use of bitter lupins, it is necessary to reduce the toxic alkaloids in the seeds before further processing them into food products. Lupin seeds were processed by soaking, followed by cooking and washing for several days with several changes of water, which reduced alkaloids below the maximum permitted concentration (0.02per cent) set by health authorities.

Pesto, mayonnaise, salad dressing and a chocolate spread
were developed from the extracted lupin oil of the debittered
seeds. Future work will focus on the extraction and characterisation of lupin proteins.