First DIL-Scholarship for AGQ-high-school graduate in 2011 Cooperation between AGQ and DIL will be intensified

Quakenbrück. Last November Artland Gymnasium, Quakenbrück and German Institute of Food Technologies DIL which also is located in this town declared their cooperation. Goal is to increasingly bring applied knowledge in the everyday school education and to work against the upcoming skill shortages in the food industry which is the most important industry for the region.

The cooperation enables the students to work experience at the DIL, get supervision by DIL experts at courseworks or get insights in academic education, research and development and university life. Now this spectrum will be enlarged by this incentive for the graduates to decide for an area of study which fits very good to the needs of the food industry.

On the occasion of a DIL conference for the AGQ-students in which DIL experts Dr. Martin Linden and Johanna Schmidtgall present an insight in the research projects of the food research institute, DIL director Dr. Volker Heinz introduced the newest part of the cooperation: the DIL Scholarship Program.
Even this year’s graduates can apply for the monthly DIL-scholarship of 100€ which is part of the mentoring program. The money will be paid 24 months to that student who best can convince the round table audience why she or he has chosen that specific  area of study. After university this study should bring a job in food research or industry. DIL asks also the winner to come for a practical training of eight weeks to the DIL.
“DIL is much obliged to the Artland region and its residents. Many of our experts come from far away in order to practice their research and development. They  are welcomed very warm and friendly by the people and best supported. With this DIL mentoring program initiative we will back up the future of this region in various directions. The assets of the future is the knowledge and education of our children.” summarises Dr. Volker Heinz his motiviation to establish this spectacular initiative.

Principal OStD Manfred Ernst thanked DIL and its director for this brilliant idea, “The donation of an award with 2.400€ in total plus practical training and additional support is without example in close or far distance. This is really an incentive to study the adequate area, in order to come back later in the Artland region to work for DIL or another company located here. This points out another time that it makes sense to get graduated in Quakenbrück and also to have at the same spot a research institute like DIL.”

From today each AGQ-high-school-graduate of 2011 can apply for the DIL-program by mail: . The round-table-discussions will be held in May.  Deadline is May 6th, 2011. The jury will be formed by representatives of DIL, AGQ, parents and students. Volker Heinz is looking forward to many applications.