Promotion of SMEs within the INTERREG project

Fit for the future with Food2020

FOOD2020 is an INTERREG VA Project which provides small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the food industry in the Germany-Netherlands border region with financial and technical support in the implementation of innovative ideas.

FOOD2020 aims to get the food industry in the German-Dutch border region fit for 2020. The activities of the project aim specifically at cross-border cooperation between companies on the one hand and experts and industry-related research institutes on the other, for the stimulation of technology transfer and the development of innovation within the companies. The project's goal is to progressively establish a model region for a viable food industry in the project area. Twenty-five cross-border feasibility studies and ten innovation projects are being funded, in which companies develop new products, processes and services.

FOOD2020 topics

  • application of new processes
  • sustainable production of foodstuffs
  • development of improved working conditions
  • further training of staff
  • ensuring a supply of skilled workers

SMEs from the project region who are still interested in participating in the project are invited to contact us to discuss their possibilities within the project.

Contact person
Christian Kircher
+49 (0)5431 183 287

Further information is available at

As part of the Germany-Netherlands INTERREG V A programme, FOOD2020 is being financed with funds from the European Fund for Regional Development (EFRE). The programme is co-financed by: