CREATOR WORKSHOP – TECH Event: Food technologies for underutilised crop-based products -

30-31 March 2022, Quakenbrück, Lower Saxony, Germany


The aim of this Workshop is for the RADIANT project to support showcasing the state of the art and trends in technological processing options for the underutilised crops (UCs), which are aimed at strengthening their value chains and engage with a range of stakeholders in this chain. There will be multiple opportunities to watch examples of success stories from the alternative protein value chain, attend a visit at the Technology Centre Proteins of the Future and engage with a wide range of research and innovation activities associated with selected underutilised crops. Interacting with stakeholders from agri-food processing will be a key element during a demonstration tour to a Mobile Processing Unit, tasting some of the diverse range of underutilised crops-based products and canvasing consumer opinion on these foodstuffs. We also expect that in-depth discussion among the wide range of different expert delegates, that also provide unique insight and learning regarding the opportunities and challenges in facilitating greater uptake of underutilised crops.

Realising Dynamic Value Chains for Underutilised Crops, RADIANT, is a Research and Innovation Action supported by the ECs Horizon2020 programme, Grant Agreement number 101000622.