Symposium " Innovative Multi-Hurdle Technology Concepts

This year, IFT is promoting 5 “Hot Topic” sessions on cutting-edge science and technology that address challenges in the food industry during the annual meeting.

The session “Innovative Multi-Hurdle Technology Concepts: A Key to Bacterial Spore Control” under the direction of Dr. Volker Heinz (Director and CEO German Institute of Food Technologies) organized by Erika Georget (German Institute of Food Technologies, DIL) was selected as one of these 5 Hot Topics.

Prof. Peter Setlow (University of Connecticut Health Center), the foremost spore germination expert, will present studies of bacterial spore germination mechanisms. Dr. Kai Reineke (Leibniz Institute for Agricultural Engineering Potsdam-Bornim), and M.Sc. Erika Georget will present their breakthrough research in terms of novel hurdle combinations using various nonthermal technologies to inactivate bacterial spores in shelf-stable foods (cold atmospheric plasma and ultra-high pressure homogenization). Nonthermal processing comprises a number of innovative technologies that are growing in use at an unprecedented rate worldwide to meet consumer demand for freshness, food safety, and sustainability of food products. The inactivation of bacterial spores for the production of commercially sterile foods with nonthermal processes, however, is a challenging area that will be addressed through state-of-the-art approaches in this Hot Topic session. Understanding the interaction of nonthermal hurdles with bacterial spores is essential because it provides the science base for food companies to meet consumer needs, through the use of nonthermal technologies, to assure bacterial spore inactivation for the production of high-quality, safe, more fresh-like foods.

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