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Naturally, the German Institute of Food Technologies (DIL) will once again be at ANUGA FOODTEC this year, which will take place from March 24–27, 2015 in Cologne. Visitors can look forward to discovering the latest technologies for handling and cutting food, which will be presented at the Robotic Pack Line by Bernhard Hukelmann and Dr. Knut Franke, who are experts in the field of automation technology (Hall 7, D090). The International FoodTec gold award for the high moisture extrusion of plant protein, which will be presented to the head of the Product Innovation department, Dr. Achim Knoch, will also be one of this year's focal points (Halle 10, D020). One other highlight of the expo will be the symposium "Sustainable processing for improved food security", organized by the GIF and led by Dr. Alexander Mathys (head of bioeconomics research) with the talk "Innovative food processing to reduce post-harvest losses".


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