Minister of agriculture emphasizes importance of research for competitiveness

Quakenbrück. On June 16 2011, the minister of agriculture and consumer protection of Lower Saxony, Gert Lindemann paid a first visit to the German Institute of Food Technology (DIL) in Quakenbrück. Director of the institute, Dr. Volker Heinz informed the minister who had taken office in the beginning of the year, about the future plans of the regional as well as international renowned institute and the current status of the extensions. Afterwards, Gert Lindemann opened the annual membership meeting which took place at the same day.

Since the end of the seventies, Lindemann is strongly involved in political issues of agriculture and food industry. Recently, he presented his “Visionen 2021“ (Visions 2021) as well as the“Tierschutzplan Niedersachsen“ (Animal-welfare Plan Lower Saxony) to the public. In Lower Saxony, the food industry is the one of the most important sectors, besides automotive manufacturing.  “You do not have to be a prophet to foresee that agriculture and food industry will gain more and more importance for our state." Lindemann emphasizes while he refers to the strongly growing global due to growth of the world population.

“Research and development in the sense of sustainable bio economy are the base of improved material efficiency and enhanced competitiveness.” the minister encourages the adopted policy of DIL. According to Lindemann, the new premises and equipment provide the ideal conditions. He requested the DIL members to “advance further extension and regional cooperations as well as networks. The minister went on to say that the Institute located in the heart of the German agriculture as well as food industry could effectively support most of medium-sized enterprises.

Dr. Volker Heinz thanked Lindemann for his visit and met with the members. The director then agreed with the minister’s position regarding consumer protection and his “Visionen 2021”. According to Heinz there are many projects involving physical processes in order to reduce chemical additives in food products, as desired and required by many consumers.

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