International Summer Lab 2019

7th International Summer Lab - Special Food Technologies

International Summer Lab 2019

From 12 July until 2 August 2019, 15 students from five different countries took part in the “7th International Summer Lab - Special Food Technologies” (ISL), organised by the faculty of agriculture and landscape architecture at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences, together with the German Institute of Food Technologies e. V. DIL. The main topics were:

•    The benefits of electric fields for snack products
•    Using new technologies to preserve fruit juices
•    3D printed foods
•    Developing products using plant extrudates

Alongside the four main topics, there were lectures with speakers from Germany, Israel, the Netherlands and Austria. These drew upon the evolution of the human diet, traditional and alternative food processing (advanced technologies), sustainability, sensor technology and food law.

The three-week programme was aimed at both international and national students studying food technology, food production and food sciences. The aim of this programme is to train highly-qualified personnel for the food industry through various activities and a combination of practice and theory. Alongside learning, the cultural exchange that takes place at the international summer programmes is crucial. The plan includes joint free-time activities, as well as visits to companies and city trips to Amsterdam and Paris.