International Summer Lab 2014

The fourth International Summer Lab is being hosted by the University of Applied Sciences Osnabruck in cooperation with the German Institute of Food Technology (DIL). The three week program is both for German and international students studying in the fields of Food Technology, Food Production and Food Sciences. The aim of this program is to train high qualified specialists for the food branch by various activities and a combination of practical work and theory.

The program for the 33 students from ten different nations, started on Monday morning with a visit at DIL. After having received safety instructions, the participants discovered the DIL’s activities through a detailed tour through the institute. Not only the students visited the DIL but also some of their professors, representing amongst others Universities from South Corea and Turkey. Before they return to their respective countries, the participants will go on several other excursions, participate in workshops and visit other companies. Further research activities will also be led in the next few weeks together with students of the University of Osnabruck. Besides, many researchers of the DIL take part in the extensive presentation program. The young visitor’s journey will be complemented with a diverse supporting program including cultural events and social activities.

Different modules are offered to students depending on the progress within their studies. For instance, two courses are offered: “Special Food Technologies” for advanced Bachelor's students and “Food Process Design” for Master's and PhD students. This year’s International Summer Lab can already be considered as a new success both for organizers and visitors. Reiterating this experience once again and holding a new edition next year is therefore more than a desire.