High Pressure Processing Workshop

Targeted denaturing of proteins through the application of pressure enables numerous possibilities for the physical sterilisation and structural formation of high quality, healthy foodstuffs, as well as enabling improvements to technical and functional properties. The procedure is currently being used very successfully in the fruit juice industry, but also offers further potential for the sterilisation of meat and sausage products, convenience foods and delicatessen items. Sterilisation of the products within their retail packaging, at room temperature, not only increases product shelf life, but also enables new markets to be exploited, for example the online sale of menu components, as well as the convenience and special product sectors.

As part of the English-language High Pressure Processing Workshop on 9 March 2016 at the German Institute of Food Technologies in Quakenbrück, possible applications will be presented, and new product concepts offered for tasting. Against a background of the legal and scientific frameworks, there will also be discussion of current technological developments and the packaging solutions that arise from them.

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Janina Niehaus

Programme: Prof Dr Stefan Töpfl
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