Falling Walls Lab: DIL-Scientist Anubha Garg Wins Pre-Selection of North Germany

Anubha Garg finished first at the preliminary selection in North Germany for this year’s international idea competition “Falling Walls Lab” for her research idea about protein supply. This preliminary selection took place at the Osnabrück University, more precisely at the Bohnenkamp house of its Botanical Gardens. The 27-year-old doctoral candidate, with her contribution on the topic “Plant-Based Protein Supply”, beat her 11 other opponents. Prof. Dr. Mehul Bhatt from the faculty for Informatics/Mathematics of the University Bremen came second. His contribution was based on a higher consideration of human perception and behavior by architectural building planning. 

This year is the fourth edition of Falling Wall Lab, which is organized by the Osnabrück University and the DIL. This event aims to give young and forward-thinking people under 35 the opportunity to present their ideas. The candidates have three minutes time to defend their ideas, research works, business concepts or projects in front of a top-flight jury.

During her presentation, Anubha Garg convincingly explained how plant-based raw materials and particularly proteins needlessly go astray during meat production. She also made clear how a protein plant-based alternative feeding can contribute to a more effective use of resources. 

The Falling Walls final will be held on November, 8th in Berlin.  Garg, who is working at the DIL as a doctoral candidate since October 2013, and the second placed Bhatt will there stand in front of a group of international experts and contend for the title against about 100 young researchers from over 75 countries.